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The Hydration Equation...

Nourish: verb. 1) To provide with food and other substances necessary for growth, life. 2) To foster the development of; promote. 3) To keep alive, maintain.

So often we are bombarded by the media, doctors, and imaginary "hydration elves" telling us we need to drink more water. That’s great, but how much is more?


The truth is that too little water and your body’s metabolic functions won’t work properly, too much water and we’re washing away vitamins – not to mention running to the potty so often that your co-workers might wonder if you’ve developed a substance problem.




How much water you need to drink daily is directly related to how much you weigh. To effectively hydrate your body you need to drink HALF your body weight in ounces.


Ex: 150 lbs = 75 oz of water per day


Water is vital to our health, weight loss, and appearance. Dehydration causes wrinkles, dry skin, constipation, fatigue, mental cloudiness, muscle cramping, blood clots…..the list goes on and on and none of it is good.


The key to hydrating is to drink your water throughout the day and not in one sitting. This will effectively hydrate your body.


Your body can only assimilate a certain amount of water at a time, so guzzling it all down at once will only send you running to pee – not adequately hydrate you – and possibly earn you an intervention for an "assumed" substance abuse issue.


If you have trouble drinking water try adding a little juice for flavor. Lemon is a mild detoxifier – add it to your water and get more bang for your buck!


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